Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence Workshops

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Healthy Relationships

60-90 Minutes
Most college students are involved in some sort of romantic relationship at some point during their time at school. This workshop educates students about what a healthy relationship looks like, and in turn what an unhealthy relationship looks like. In addition, the peer educators facilitate a discussion about why it is so hard to get out of an abusive relationship and the steps a person can take to get out of an abusive relationship, how to help a friend, and how to recognize if you are hurting someone. Workshop lasts for about an hour.

Sexual Assault & Rape

60-90 minutes

This workshop focuses specifically on sexual assault and rape.

Sexual Harassment

60-90 minutes

The sexual harassment workshop helps participants recognize unwanted sexual behavior in social, academic and work settings. It provides participants with a framework of how to handle these situations in their own lives and how to help a friend. Sexual harassment is unwanted and unwelcome sexual behavior that interferes with a person's life. This workshop teaches participants how to recognize sexual harassment in their own lives as well as how to help friends who may be experiencing sexual harassment in social, academic and professional spheres. Our sexual harassment workshop assess participants knowledge of what qualifies as harassment. The workshop has an interactive component where participants explore actual case studies and discuss in practice what constitutes inappropriate behavior. Partipants will leave with a greater understanding of how to handle uncomfortable situations and a list of resources to turn to when situations escalate.

Spectrum of Sexual Violence

60-90 Minutes
This interactive workshop will cover the spectrum of sexual violence, including dating/domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault/rape, and sexual harassment.  We can tailor the content according to the needs of your group.  Typically, we will go over definitions, resources, and ways you can help a friend who has been impacted by sexual and/or relationship violence.