What You Have to Know About Violence Prevention at Cal


New Incoming First Year & Transfer Students!

We want to promote healthy and safe relationships during your time here, and we can all play our part. Therefore, Cal is part of a UC system-wide effort to provide education, prevention and response to the issues of Sexual Assault, Dating and Relationship Violence, and Stalking. Addressing these issues is a part of the University's commitment to providing you with an inspiring, healthy, and safe learning environment. A key component of this safe learning environment is an atmosphere free of violence, coercion, and fear. 

To learn about your options, rights and resources to address sexual harassment, stalking, dating and domestic violence and sexual assault, please go to survivorsupport.berkeley.edu

Please also check out our UC Systemwide website dedicated to reducing sexual assault, dating and relationship violence, and stalking.


How Do I Fulfill My Requirement? 

As part of our commitment, Cal has a Violence Prevention Education Requirement for undergraduates (first years & transfer students). You may read more about it at survivorsupport.berkeley.edu/education-requirement.

Thank you for partnering with us to continue in our pursuits of enhancing our sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention education efforts here at the University of California, Berkeley.  We are committed to continually fostering a safe campus environment for all of our students.

If you have any questions regarding completion of this requirement, please submit them to deanofstudents@berkeley.edu