What You Have to Know About Violence Prevention at Cal

New Incoming First Year, Transfer, Graduate & Professional School Students!

We want to promote healthy and safe relationships during your time here, and we can all play our part. Therefore, Cal is part of a UC system-wide effort to provide education, prevention and response to the issues of Sexual Assault, Dating and Relationship Violence, and Stalking. Addressing these issues is a part of the Universityís commitment to providing you with an inspiring, healthy, and safe learning environment. A key component of this safe learning environment is an atmosphere free of violence, coercion, and fear.

Please also check out our UC Systemwide website dedicated to reducing sexual assault, dating and relationship violence, and stalking.

How Do I Fulfill My Requirement? (3 steps)

As part of our commitment, Cal has an In-Person Violence Prevention Education Requirement. You have until the end of your first semester to complete this requirement.  Please note that the bulk of the sessions will be at the beginning of the semester.  Please follow these three (3) steps:

Step 1 - by Feb. 15, 2014

First, please review the "survivorsupport.berkeley.edu" one-stop website

Step 2 - by the end of the semester

Second, attend an in-person violence prevention education session (listed below) by the end of your first semester.  Bring your Cal1Card or your SID# and valid ID for attendance.

Here is the list for the rest of the Spring 2014 semester.  For disability related accommodations, please contact access.berkeley.edu with as much notice as possible.

For Graduate Students and Professional School Students (workshops are 90 min plus time for swiping & clean-up)

We are not currently scheduling graduate student general sessions. Individual departments may request workshops, and new graduate students who have not yet fulfilled their requirement can attend one of the general undergraduate sessions listed below.

For Undergraduate Students (workshops are 90 min plus time for swiping & clean-up)

Th, April 17, 2014   5-7pm   Upper Sproul Plaza  -   Take Back the Night March and Rally (please check-in at table at the beginning, then swipe at the end of the program)


NOTE: Bears that Care: Take Action (BTC) is another way to get EmpowerU credit - for a listing of presentations, click here.

Please inform your BTC Facilitator that you would like EmpowerU credit.  To learn more about BTC, go to sa.berkeley.edu/btc


Step 3

Third, please bookmark this page http://geneq.berkeley.edu/empowerU so you can come back to this site for resources and ways to get involved. We can all do our part in creating a Cal community free of violence, harassment and intimidation! Learn about campus resources, community resources, and national resources!

For information on support services and how to get involved in the preventing violence at Cal, please contact empowerU@berkeley.edu.

Examples include (this list is not exhaustive):


For questions about EmpowerU sessions, please email empowerU@berkeley.edu.