FAQs & Brochures

The Gender Equity Resource Center has information sheets that cover a variety of issues and can provide many answers to questions. As well, we publish a newsletter that previews upcoming events and current issues.

Information Sheets

For quick and easy information on topics related to gender, sexuality and violence (e.g. the difference between gender and sex, sexual harassment, transgender identities, hate crimes)!

Resources for Classrooms and Groups

Resoruces for instructors and facilitators to create more inclusive educational environments.


Stay up-to-date with what's going on at GenEq as well as other on- and off-campus opportunities and events related to gender and sexuality.

GenEq Video Projects

Check out our "Queer Talk at Cal" videos where UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff talk about gender, sexuality and queerness!


For frequently asked questions about GenEq.


For electronic versions of our printed materials.


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