I Want to Get Involved

There are as many ways to get involved on campus as there are people on campus! Take a look at the links below to learn more about some of the opportunities that focus around gender and sexuality!

Internships at GenEq

Learn about internships at GenEq, including event planning, facilitating peer education workshops, working at local LGBT-focused non-profits, developing your leadership skills and more!


Attending events (many or few!) is a great way to check out GenEq, learn something new, engage community and more!

Discussion Groups

Looking for a regular group to connect with? Check out our discussion groups, sponsored groups and student-directed collaborative projects!

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Get weekly updates about opportunities and events through GenEq, on-campus and off-campus!

Student Groups: Women-Focused

You'll find a listing of women's campus organizations, though for the most up-to-date information about which organizations are currently active, or to see if new organizaitons have started, see the Center for Student Leadership's searchable Student Organizations database and use keywords like "women."

Student Groups: LGBTQ-Focused

You'll find a list of LGBTQ-focused student organizations, and you may want to check out http://queer.berkeley.edu or the Center for Student Leadership's searchable Student Organizations database and use keywords like "LGBT" and "queer" to see which organizations are currently active and/or registered. 

Faculty/Staff Groups

You'll find a list of ways that faculty and staff, specifically, can get involved in gender- and sexuality-related organizations and opportunities on-campus!


Not able to commit to an internship? You can still help out from time to time by volunteering!