Unisex, Single-Stall, Gender-Inclusive and Other Restrooms on UC Berkeley's Central Campus

On this page you will find a list of gender-inclusive, single stall and some small multi-stall restrooms at UC Berkeley, primarily the central campus of UC Berkeley. This resource was created for transgender and gender non-conforming campus community members, though this resource may be useful to others (e.g. people with different-gender personal attendants or children). You can alphabetize the chart by building name, or sort for ADA accessibility by clicking the top of each of those columns.

Below this chart you will find additional information, including a map of the restrooms, and a downloadable packet with both the map and list of restrooms.

Number Building Bathroom Sign Location ADA Accessible Notes
1 Moffitt Library Women and Men 1st Floor, next to the Free Speech Movement Cafe Yes Two single-stall restrooms
2 Doe Library All Gender Basement Yes Single-stall restroom. Key in Newspapers and Microforms library
3 Mulford Women and Men Rooms 12, 40, 156 Yes A single-stall restroom; small multi-stall restrooms
4 Tang Center (University Health Services) Unisex Public Corridors on Floors 1-3 Yes A single-stall restroom
5 O'Brien Women 4th Floor, across the elevator Yes Small multi-stall restroom
6 Donner Women and Men Room 104 (Women), Room 153 (Men), Room 256 (Women) Yes Room 104: A single-stall restroom, employees only but sometimes open. Room 153 & 256: Small multi-stall restrooms
7 Latimer Women and Men Lobby, Rooms 213, 215, 292 Yes Small multi-stall restrooms
8 Gilman Unisex Across from Room 118 Yes Single-stall restroom
9 Birge Women Across Room 50, Across B123 (Floor B1) Yes Across Room 50 (One small multi-stall restroom, one single-stall restroom), Across B123 (unisex, single-stall restroom)
10 Stephens All Gender Next to room 242 and 342 Yes 242: multi-stall restroom; 342: single-stall restroom
11 Moses All Gender; Women and Men First Floor; Basement Rooms 311 and 313 Yes First floor - Small multi-stall restrooms; Basement floor - Small multi-stall restrooms *only accessible with keys*
12 Cesar Chavez Student Center Unisex, Women and Men Next to Room 59 (Basement) Yes Women and Men are small multi-stall restrooms. Unisex is a single-stall restroom.
13 Golden Bear Cafe (GBC) Men Inside GBC, next to ATM Yes One single-stall restroom
14 Wurster Unisex Next to Room 403 Yes A single-stall restroom
15 Boalt (Law School) Unisex, Women and Men Rooms 285 (unisex), 309 (unisex), 348 (women), 350 (men), 448 (women), 450 (men) Yes for all 6 Single-stall restrooms; *309 is only accessible with a Law student key.*
16 Simon Unisex, Women and Men Rooms 496 (women), 596 (men), 696 (unisex), 896 (unisex) Yes for all 4 single-stall restrooms
17 Haviland Unisex 318 Yes Unisex multi-stall
18 Dwinelle Hall Restroom 132A and 155A Yes All Gender Restroom 132A is accessible from inside lecture auditorium Dwinelle 145 by exiting stage (facing seating) left door. It is also accessible via Classroom Wing, Level D, by entering the unmarked ​ramp door between GA Classrooms 130 and 134 . All Gender Restroom 155A is accessible from inside lecture auditorium Dwinelle 155 by exiting stage (facing seating) right door. It is also accessible via Office Wing, Stairwell #26 .
19 Harold E Jones Child Study Center All Gender 1st Floor. Next to room 4, 30-A, 40-A Yes
20 Career Center All Gender Next to Room 2 No
21 Dance Studio All Gender 1st Floor
22 Institute for Research on Labor and Employment All Gender 1st Floor No
23 Energy Institute at Haas All Gender Floors 1-3 1st floor only Single stall on Floor 1 and 2; multi stall on Floor 3
24 The Anna Head School All Gender Next to Room C-104, C-208, C-211, B-200, B-213 C-104 is signed
25 Institute for the Study of Societal Issues All Gender Next to Room B-104 No
26 Davis Hall Unisex Next to Room 219, 335 Yes
27 University Hall All Gender Next to Room 74, 714F Yes
28 Piedmont Houses All Gender 2222 Piedmont: Next to Room 3A (1st Floor), 7 (2nd Floor) 2224 Piedmont: Next to Room 1 (1st Floor) 2232 Piedmont: Next to Room 209A & 205 (2nd Floor), 7 (Basement) 2240 Piedmont: Next to Room 1st & 2nd floors. No
29 VLSB All Gender Herbarium Yes Herbarium staff only.
30 Barrows Hall Restroom 6th floor, on the side of African American Studies department Yes One multi-stall all gender restroom
31 Wheeler Hall Womens Room 490 No A single-stall restroom. Employees only
32 Barker All Gender Room 6, 102, 204 Yes (for 102 and 204) Single-stall restrooms. A shower facility included in room 6.
33 South Hall Separate Mens/Womens Rooms Basement and Rooms 301 A/B No Single room!
34 Eshelman Hall Restroom Basement 3, 4, and 5 Yes
35 MLK Student Union/ASUC Building Restroom Bair's Lair restaurant Yes A four-stall restroom; one separate, ada accessible single stall included.
36 Residential and Student Services Building Restroom Far back on the 4th floor, across the room 461C "Marketing Sign Shop Office" Yes Two single-stall restrooms with a shower facility inside in each
37 Kroeber Hall Restroom First floor Yes

The above list list contains unisex restrooms, as well as single-sex restrooms that are either one-room restrooms with a lock on the main door, or small multi-stall single-sex restrooms in discrete locations to which few people go. They will be designated accordingly: “One-room restroom” and “Small multi-stall restroom.” For multi-stall restrooms, note the Restroom Sign column to identify if it’s gender-specific or gender-inclusive.

Due to the amount of contruction, retrofitting and remodeling on campus these may change - if you find that anything listed above, please let us know so we can update the information!  Email Marisa at mboyce@berkeley.edu with restroom location and any new information!  This is a resource of the Gender Equity Resource Center, compiled with the help of the ASUC and Trans*Action.  If you have updated information (e.g. a correction to a current listing), new information (e.g. a restroom that isn’t listed) or questions please contact Marisa at mboyce@berkeley.edu.

Click Here to View the Campus Implementation Progress Report on Gender Inclusive Restrooms

The campus is engaged in a process to provide inclusive restrooms for all. As you may know in June 2015, the University of California Office of the President released guidelines to each UC Campus and the Laboratories for providing gender inclusive facilities. UC Berkeley has been making steady progress in implementing these guidelines. We will update this document periodically to inform you of our progress.

Unisex, Single-Stall and Select Small Multi-Stall Restrooms on UC Berkeley Central Campus - PDF to Print (October 2015 updated)

Scroll to the bottom of this page to find a map of these locations, marked by numbers correpsonding to the above list.

Thank you to the many students and staff who have contributed to creating this resource! In the summer of 2006 one intern walked each building on campus to identify restrooms to create our first listing of single-stall and gender-inclusive restrooms on campus.  In the summer of 2011 another intern walked those buildings again with the help of student and staff volunteers to update our listings.  Then in the spring of 2013, the first visual map was created and made available to students.   

You may also download a larger version of the map here.