Save the Date Calendar - Spring 2014



See below for the Save the Date - Spring 2014 Calendar!  

This was created at the beginning of the semester and is intended to give an overview of events for the semester.  For most recent and complete information, please see our Facebook Group:

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W 1. 22 The HookUp Kick-off with Q-TIPS (drop-in LGBTQ focused counseling) Wii Wednesdays 5-8pm GenEq*

Th 1.23 Queer Au Lait 7-9pm Multicultural Community Center^ Tu 1.28 Queer Self Defense 5-7pm Oscar Wilde House, 2410 Warring St; Space is limited!

T 1.28 “Goliath” (a play on war, veteran’s issues, masculinity, homophobia) 8pm Durham Theater FREE

Th 1.30 GenEq Open House 4-6pm GenEq*

W 2.5 Being Your Authentic Self on the Job Search 5pm GenEq* TBA CalRAD (self-defense for women)

Th-Sa 2.6-8 The Vagina Monologues Benefit Performance 7-10pm, Buy tickets in advance – tabling on Upper Sproul

TBA “Womanish Ways” film on women’s suffrage in Bahamas

W 2.12 Give Yourself Some Love and Get Crafty! 5pm GenEq*

W 2.19 “Brave Miss World” Screening and Discussion TBA

W 2.26 “Navigating Trans* Surgeries: How Do I Start?” panel with surgeon, psychologist and student 5pm GenEq*

Th 2.27 “Wonder Women” Screening and discussion 6-9pm, 159 Mulford Hall

Sun 2/23 Big Queer Event – 6pm Anna Head Alumni Hall - check for updates!

3.1-3.31Women’s Herstory and Empowerment Month

Sa 3.1 $tart $mart (salary negotiation for women) 10-2pmMCC

Tu 3.4 GenEq Internships Infosession 4-5pm GenEq

W 3.5 “Coming Out/Letting People In” panel with students, 5pm GenEq*

3.10-3.14 Week of Cultural Resistance

Fr 3.14 Night of Cultural Resistance

Sa 3.15 EWOCC (GA) all-day

Sun 3.16  ENVISION White Anti-Racist Training: Deconstructing Whiteness in Women's and Queer Communities 1-5pm GenEq

4.1-4.30Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Th 4.17 Take Back the Night March & Rally 5-7pm Upper Sproul

Fr 4.25 Lavender Graduation Celebration 6-9pm Alumni House (

4.21-5.2Queer Awareness Days. See

Tu 4.22 GenEq Internship Infosession 5-6pm GenEq

W 4.23 “From Monogamish to Many Loves” panel with poly/non-monogamous folks 5pm GenEq*

^ MCC in Hearst Field Annex-D * 202 Chavez

Watch out! June 2014 Women’s Leadership Intensive


ENVISION: White Anti-Racist Network @ GenEq
QPOC Together: Queer People of Color
Women's Chat Circle

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